29 Banner Ads & Full Critiques to Help Optimize Your Ads

The Jira ad copy promises that Jira service management is “more than a ticketing system” and prospects who want to know more need to “Sign Up” for the service. Jira is a well-known brand in tech, but the name, and the logo of its parent brand, Atlassian, are relatively small. The image references how Jira helps optimize the ticketing experience—problem areas become green checkmarks. The Samsung banner ad features a minimalist design, there’s an image of a Samsung Galaxy tablet and a compelling headline “Create. Anywhere.” It shows both a stylus and keyboard option, so viewers know there are multiple ways to use the tablet. The one drawback is that there isn’t a clear button or offer, but the small arrow indicates there is more information to be had.

Similar phrasing, value propositions and taglines can help create a strong brand connection. It’s therefore crucial that you use fonts that are clear and quickly legible to ensure that your message is delivered in a split-second. This type of targeting helps increase the return on investment, or ROI, of your ad budget. By presenting your ads to already interested or likely interested parties, you are more likely to get promising results.

You can use discount offers or clever or inspiring wording or provide succinct information. The “SHOP NOW” button is noticeable and invites the viewer to take immediate action. Its contrasting color ensures it stands out but doesn’t overpower the primary message. The use of crisp, high-resolution photos of fresh greens not only grabs attention but also conveys the organic and fresh quality of the products.

Of course, the problem with display ads is that they often get ignored. An Infolink study suggests that 86% of people experience banner blindness, meaning ignore or avoid banner ads. Samsung’s banner ad here aims to shed light on its latest product, “Galaxy S23 Ultra”, and does a stellar job of it. Firstly, the placement of the logo at the top left is an excellent move for it helps the viewer identify whom the ad belongs to as soon as they set their eyes on it. This is important, because your ad is not the only one on a particular page; it’s forever competing with a dozen others.

Tweaking the chronology of the placement, thus, stands to greatly undermine the ad’s appeal. Typically, most marketers like to roll out a form of paid advertising called banner ads. It’s an image-based ad you display on various platforms (websites, apps, YouTube, Gmail, etc.) to drive traffic to your website. MailChimp is one of the brands that use banner ads to increase brand awareness and also to remind users they are more than an email marketing company. EBay is one of the biggest players in the banner advertising industry. Not only that they invest a lot of money in display advertising but also in how they design the banner ads.

  1. Such an ad can have its own advertising space or be set up as multi-size advertising space with 300х250 banners.
  2. While banner ads can effectively promote lead generation, they’re best for increasing brand awareness because they don’t need website visitors to click to view the ad.
  3. It’s got to grab their attention and then show them what they’ll get if they click your ad.

As a whole, digital advertising can increase brand awareness by 80%. There are many different types of banner ads and they come in all different sizes. Here’s a list to help you decide banner ads examples which works best for your business. It’s crucial that you serve banner ads to relevant audiences. Otherwise, you’ll waste money showing them to people who will probably never convert.

Nike: Feature a single product

At WebFX, our experienced team of designers and internet marketers can create head-turning, must-click banner ads to match your brand’s unique personality and audience. Not if you’re Liberty Mutual — you already caught the viewers’ attention. This brand uses a touch of humor, bright colors, and a clear money-saving message to urge clicks. Among our banner ads examples, this ad answers the most crucial questions in a few lines, leaving plenty of room for attractive imagery. The minimal text and streamlined look appeal to the audience’s desire for simplicity.

Step 1. Define Your Advertising Goals

The ad shows up in the middle of an article about laptops from a competitor. That’s why in this article, we’ll cover 21+ banner ad examples and break down why they work so well (and how your business can do the same). Disney+ knows how to pull its audience in almost instantly. This banner ad’s soothing, neutral colors make viewers want to flop on the couch and enter a fantasy world. With its eye-catching CTA, its audience won’t want to miss an exclusive deal. This is where you entice viewers to pay attention to your brand.

Because it tells USA Today’s readers what they’ll actually get if they opt into this limited-time deal. Would the ad be worthless if the CTA were “Sign Me Up” rather than “Go Ad-Free”? But if you want to write banner ad copy that’s truly effective, focusing on outcomes is a great approach. The one and only native banner ad example included in this collection comes to us courtesy of the good people at USA Today. The best part of this ad, of course, is the way it inspires urgency.

And PayPal understood this when they created these banner ads. So using icons or linear graphic elements can help your brand reach a wider audience. Every time I have an idea and I’m not in front of my laptop I open the Evernote App and write it down. Evernote is a great tool that every marketer or businessman should use.

What makes a good banner ad?

Businesses use creative banner ads to drive traffic, boost sales, and increase brand awareness. Ensure your landing page is pleasing to the eye, easily navigable, and in keeping with your brand image. You can even display advertising on your landing page with discount offers for specific products. This is your chance to use an entire web page to continue to interest your visitors so that interest will lead to sales. Banner advertising is when you use graphic digital displays to promote a brand and/or get people to click on the ad so it will direct them to your online store’s landing page.

But you can often use animations, videos, or interactive elements to grab users’ attention. Many businesses use digital advertising platforms to distribute ads through groups of websites https://1investing.in/ called display networks. A banner ad is a type of display ad (visual online advertisement) that’s placed in a prominent webpage location with the aim of drawing users’ attention.

BusinessofApps found that the average search advertising cost per click (CPC) across all industries was 67¢ in 2022. And glean valuable insights for your next banner ad campaign. For example, if your conversion rate is low, you could try to improve your campaign landing page. The size, positioning, and format of your banner ad will impact its success.

Though they’re far from reinventing the wheel, I want to give credit where credit is due. I like what they’ve done with the heading and the subhead; emphasizing “Limited-Time Offer” and driving it home with the crossed-out price tactic is a strong approach. By providing the address and business hours of a nearby store, they make the likelihood of conversion considerably higher.

They chose a fun text and a high value proposition which can drive clicks. Note the color connection between the headline and “shop now” button. Many brands include a .5 to 1 point black or gray border on ads to establish this separation.

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