Inspection of Cranes & Forklifts

Belmont Asia, has obtained legal permits and certificates for approving technical inspection competency of the roof, mobile cranes and forklifts, so can meet client requirements in areas as follows: 

Certification of Health and Inspection Services for Heavy Machinery:

  • To inspect repairs of motor and the replaced/ repaired parts. 
  • To inspect during procurement of motors and spare parts.
  • To monitor and inspect during painting of motors and spare parts.
  • Controlling the safety equipment, chassis, fixed parts, rotary, mechanical parts, hydraulic and pneumatic parts.
  • Inspection of wires and movement.
  • Testing load, overload and functional capabilities.
  • Final assessment and confirming the maximum allowable loading and issuing inspection certificate in the case of satisfactory performance.
  • The visual inspection of the machine.
  • Inspection and approving of the ability of preventer and starter.
  • Inspection and approving of the jacks of the support bases.
  • Inspection and approving of the wires of cables and middle hooks.
  • Inspection and approving of the electric and instrumentation systems.
  • Inspection and approving of the keys on and off and keys machine launch.
  • Inspection and approving of the safe fences of lifter and the pile driver.

Belmont Asia used local and international standards for inspection as follows:

Personnel Lifting Equipment:

Inspection and certification of newly fabricated and existing lifting beams, spreader bars, and other customized below-the-hook lifting devices.

Inspection and certification of crane and forklift-mounted personnel baskets and aerial devices.



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