Industrial Inspection Services

As the world changes, so do your business needs, and their consequences can be rapid and extensive. We look at your business needs and requirements from an array of angles. 

We provide the following industrial inspection services:

  • Plant Inspections, evaluation and site supervision
  • Inspection of Boilers, Pressure vessels and Heat Exchanger Fabrication.
  • Quality Assurance Inspection of LPG & LPG Installation on behalf of OGRA (Oil & Gas Regulatory).
  • Inspection of Pressure Vessels as per API-510.
  • Inspection of vertical upright storage tanks as per API 653.
  • Calibration of storage tanks as per API MPMS CHP 2 and ISO standards
  • Vertical storage tanks profile survey as per API-653, Appendix B.
  • Construction supervision of storage tanks as per API620, 650.
  • Fabrication and erection inspection of storage tanks, steel structure, LPG Road tankers, LPG Cylinders
  • Welder Qualification tests.


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Industrial Inspection Services

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