Load Testing Services :

Belmont offers Visual Inspection & Load Test of Cranes and loose lifting gears (chain Blocks, Shackles, Eye Bolts, wire Ropes, Slings, Pulley Blocks, and Hooks etc).
Belmont offers pressure witness testing of different Pressure vessels and Tanks.
All operations conduct according to the ASME code.

On-site testing:
We have engineers that can carry out on site testing of lifting equipment and permanently fixed structures. For example Runway beams and Swing arm Jibs.

On site inspections:
A complete on site inspection service carried out by experienced engineers with the minimum disruption to your work schedule. We color code the equipment so that your staff will be confident in the knowledge that the equipment has been recently inspected. The customer is provided with a detailed report confirming the condition of the equipment and also when it is next due for inspection.

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